Take a moment and think about your closest friends. Think about how often you talk, how they are there for you when you need them, and they for you. Think about how you can call and chat about the most important thing, or ramble on about nothing at all. Think about ways you let them know they are special and important to you. This is how you should think about every person in your downline. Whether they've been in your organization for 5 years or 5 minutes. To really succeed in this business, you need to be intentional about the relationships you have with your downline. When you take the time to meet someone new, learn more about them, keep in touch, acknowledge their accomplishments, appreciate their friendship, and show gratitude for their continued membership with Young Living, you are cultivating a group of individuals that feel loved, supported, and empowered. You are creating a family that supports each other, and that in turn, will help your Young Living business grow and flourish. Cultivate Your Best Self, or Cultivate, for short, is a set of resources you can use to:

create an inviting environment with clean, simple, and professional looking graphics
welcome and support your newest members with the education and skills to use their oils with confidence
keep in touch with, and offer continued support to all the members of our oily family

All of these materials are free to use. But I do have 2 rules that I hope you will respect and follow:
1. Do not copy or edit. These items are for personal use only.
2. Always print from the online file. Unless stated, do not download files to your computer.
This ensures that you always have the most up-to-date version.

Have questions? We have a Facebook Page where you can ask questions and see how others use the program.
Or you can email Jamie Lettau or Jessica Klieman.

FOR DOCUMENTS THAT HAVE MULTIPLE PAGES: click on the thumbnail to open the document, scroll to the page you want, print that page.
FOR DOCUMENTS WITH A SINGLE PAGE: click on the thumbnail to open the document, print, or copy the URL (paste in a text or email).


Sharing Young Living is two-fold. Part of sharing is teaching the fundamentals: what essential oils are and how we use them. Tips, tricks, recipes, etc. is important information to share because you want your members to be safe and get the most benefit out of the products. And knowing how to use them is key. The other part is sharing your experience. Often, people don't care about the "what" if they don't know the why. When you are sharing it is important to take the time to really show the value of these products. Share your experience. Share how Young Living has changed your life. Utilize the resources in this section to help you share the "what" and the "why" in a way that stays true to who you are.

class materials for essential oils 101

Essential Oils 101

chemical survey

Chemical Survey

wellness mapping

Wellness Mapping

membership options and perks

Membership Options

essential rewards program

Essential Rewards Program

build your own team

Build A Team

build your own membership kit

Build Your Own Membership Kit Ideas

premium membership kits

Premium Starter Kits

blank space



Have you ever been to an Apple store? From the moment you walk in, you feel at ease. You're not sure why... you just know that you feel that way. How we feel when we are in a space is important. Too many items and mis-matched graphics can make a space feel cluttered, overwhelming, and makes people feel antsy and uncomfortable. Creating an inviting environment is just as important as the class itself. Use the resources below to create a cohesive display that is clean, uncluttered, and organized. This level of care will create a professional looking environment that will invite people in, portray that you are serious about your business, and lend to your credibility.

 printable sign for aroma bar / sniffing station

PSK Aroma Bar (with borders)

printable sign for aroma bar / sniffing station

PSK Aroma Bar (without borders)

printable signs for table

Tent Signs

printable sign for raffle

Raffle Sign

printable signs for table

Table Signs (Tents)

printable signs for table

Table Signs

printable signs for montly promotion

Promotion Signs

shopping list

Shopping List

Young Living Gift Sets

Gift Sets

Gifts Under $20

Gifts Under $20

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What was the first oil you every tried? Do you remember smelling it for the first time? Do you remember how it made you feel? It's one thing to hear about an oil... and it's another thing to try it. Samples are one way we can help others experience the power of essential oils first hand. Share Cards are small samples that you can hand out or send in the mail. Here are instructions on how to make share cards.

samples to share with people


samples to share with people


samples to share with people



Think back to the last time you tried something new. Did you have help? Did you struggle? Did you have someone to ask questions? Beginning a new wellness journey can be overwhelming. People tend to give up when things are too tough or complicated. Supporting your newest members is so vital to creating a long lasting relationship. New Beginnings is a 3 month program designed to help your newest members get started. Each month you'll send them a care package with educational materials and samples. This program breaks up the information into smaller, more manageable chunks so they can learn new skills and become confident about using their products.
Here are instructions to the all the resources to use in the New Beginnings program.
We also have a Facebook Page where you can ask questions and get help.

educational materials

Month 1


Month 2

stationary and letterhead

Month 3


When was the last time you got a card or package in the mail? Where you surprised? Did you feel loved? Did you feel appreciated? It feels so good to get something when we least expect it. Keeping in touch with your downline is an important step in creating a strong connected organization. Be intentional and consistent with how you keep in touch with your members. Use the resources in this section to foster your relationships. It could be to celebrate a new rank, invite them to an event, or just say hi. Here's a link to the resources page.



stickers to add to packages

Mailing labels

blank space


postcards and notecards

Postcards / Notecards



blanck space


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