Every person has their own reasons why they want to start using essential oils. Maybe you want to get rid of the toxin filled cleaning products that are polluting your house. Maybe you want to support your immune system through the cold harsh winter. Maybe you are training for marathon, or just trying to keep up with your kids (which sometimes feels like you are training for a marathon). Maybe you are just looking to de-stress and relax after a long day at work. Maybe you want radiant younger looking skin. Whatever your goal is, I want to help you achieve it. I'd love to sit down with you and chat about what is most important in your life right now. Together, we'll figure out a list of Young Living products that you can incorporate into your everyday life. From the list, you can pick the ones you think would work best for you. This customized list will serve as your wellness roadmap. If you live in the Bay Area and would like to meet up, just fill out this form and I'll get back to you with some possible dates.


Learn about essential oils from the comfort of your own home. I don't know about you... but I'd rather throw on my jammies and curl up on the couch with my laptop, than get ready and fight traffic just to make it to class. Who's with me on that? Once a month I do a week long class on Facebook. Each day I post a short 10 minute video and then 1 to 2 graphics. It's just a few minutes a day, and you can watch when it's most convenient for you. I have tons of friends who are parents and can't even think about having a minute to themselves until after the kids go to bed. Everything is in bite sized pieces. 10 minutes here... 15 minutes there... Easy peasy. If you are not on the book of faces... let me know. I'll see if there is some way I can get you the info. Here are the classes coming down the pipeline. I hope you join me. Invite your friends. The more the merrier. Let's spread this info and help as many people as we can.