When you become a member of Young Living, you are joining a family. You are joining my team, our local oily family, and Young Living's global community. You are not just getting oils, you are getting an entire community of people who love their oils, who are working on a life with wellness and abundance, and who are here to help you. You get an entire support team. That's something you don't get when you go to the store and buy oils off the shelf. You are also getting high quality, therapeutic grade oils and oil infused products that you can use to support your family's wellness. And just by signing up and buying oils, you are also supporting the friend or family member that introduced you to Young Living.


When you purchase one of the starter kits, you automatically become a wholesale member. The only requirement is that you place one order each year to keep your account active. This order must be at least 50PV (in the US 1PV is equal $1). Membership benefits include:
:: 24% off all future purchases
:: access to monthly promotions
:: become eligible to receive cash back when you refer a friend
:: the option to join the Essential Rewards program (earn points to use to purchase items for free)


Here's the deal: the Premium Starter Kit with Diffuser is by far and away, the best deal. You get the widest variety of oils, a diffuser, sample packets, travel bottles, and printed materials - all at a discount of about 50% off retail price. Therefore, this is the kit I usually recommend to everyone. BUT, maybe you are looking to get started with products for geared toward cleaning or energy support. Then you want to be sure and check out the other two PSKs. One is designed with items from the Thieves Cleaning line, and another with NingXia Red. If a PSK is right for you, go ahead and follow these step by step photo instructions to sign up for a Premium Starter Kit.

membership kit with 11 oils and a diffuser

PSK with Diffuser

membersip kit with Thieves household cleaning products

PSK with Thieves

membersip kit with NingXia antioxidant energy drink

PSK with NingXia


I want you to get the oils that are going to help you get started on your road to wellness. I want you to open your box, pull out your oils, and use every single thing in that box. So, if you've looked over the PSKs, and it's not exactly what you are looking for, then email me, and I will help you put together a membership kit that is exactly what you are looking for. If you want to check out all that Young Living has to offer, then take a quick peek at their online product guide. And, if per chance, you already know which items you want, then you can just go ahead and follow these step by step photo instructions on how to build your own membership kit. Here are some examples of kits you could make:

membership options and perks


build your own membership kit


premium membership kits


membership options and perks


build your own membership kit


premium membership kits

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