Free products and giveaways available this month


➊ Each month Young Living offers the opportunity to earn free products. This is referred to as the Monthly Promotions program. Each month, certain Young Living products are grouped together in preset bundles, each awarded a certain PV. If the PV on your order surpasses the PV of one of the bundles, you will receive all the items in that bundle for free. Here are the free products offered this month.

➋ We love to share YL. And YL loves that we love to share. So to say thank you for helping your friends get started on their own wellness journey, YL has create a new incentive program called Help 5. Every time you help a friend sign up for a membership or help them get started on ER, you earn a point. If you earn 5 points in a month, you will receive a special thank you gift form YL. No purchase, payment, or registration is necessary to be eligible for an incentive. Check out the Help 5 page for specific details.


Young Living is all about family. If you were to chart us all out on paper like a family tree, you'd have lots of extended family that is supporting you and cheering you on. Think of us like your crazy aunts and uncles... super cool, crazy aunts and uncles. As leaders we love to share and help out our family as much as we can. Each leader has their own FB page where they post tips, tricks, hacks... they teach about the products... they run fun contests and giveaways. Jump on their pages and search for "promo" or the name of the current month to find out what freebies are up for grabs. Here's a list of FB pages. If you are not already a member of the group, let me know and I'll add you.

November and December are normally huge for giveaways and freebies. Please, please, please, check in to all the Facebook groups and see what's up for grabs this holiday season.

Everyday Oilers
Crazy Oilers
Solid Rock
Thania's Oil Cabinet
Divine Oilers

*These promos are available to all Young Living Members. Promos change every month.
**These promos are available to members of my downline. Promos end as noted or at midnight on the last day of each month.